How to Make Tree in Little Alchemy Tips and Trick

Step by Step Guide to Make Tree in Little Alchemy: Little Alchemy is one of interesting puzzle game that use the unique combination of several different element that you can really found on Earth.

Your job in this game is basically fulfill the catalog of the element by combining the base element (Air, Earth, Water and Fire) as well as the element that you have just created using those base elements. And here, we give you a guide how to make tree in little alchemy. It’s simple, but most of player doesn’t know how to do it.

The formula of tree in Little Alchemy is Plant + Time. If you play this game for the first time, you won’t find those two elements on your catalogue. This is where you need to combine the base elements to create them. Here is the step by steps combination you can use to get Plant and Time, which will combine into Tree.

  1. Earth + Fire = Lava
  2. Air + Lava = Stone
  3. Air + Stone = Sand
  4. Fire + Sand = Glass (keep the Glass away)
  5. Water + Air = Rain

Once you created all of those elements, they will be stored on your catalogue. So, you can use it over and over again. Just take the element that you need from the catalogue list on the right side of the screen. Now, let’s move to next step.

  1. Sand + Glass = Time & Hourglass, put the Hourglass away
  2. Rain + Earth = Plant

Now you have Time and Plant element. Just combine both of them and you will get your Tree. It’s simple, isn’t it? Tree it self can be used for many different combination that produce different elements. You can try as much as you want and try to fill up the catalogue of your Little Alchemy. Good luck!