How to Make Death in Little Alchemy

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Have you ever wondered how humans were first created? How to make a bird? How to make the ocean? How do we create this element and that element? Had they been formed for long ago? Or are they formed from a mixture of other elements? Are they formed from a long process? Or is it all there instantly? If you are curious, you are indeed an alchemist. You can know all that through Little Alchemy. Little Alchemy is a fun game with basic science developed by Recloak. Through Little Alchemy we will learn many things, combining one element with another element to form a new element. And finally we can answer all the questions at the beginning of this paragraph. Now do you know how to make death in Little Alchemy?

Star + Bomb = Death Star

Believe it or not, the star closest to our earth is the sun. If the sun exploded by colliding with other big planets, or meteors, or anything else that could cause the sun to explode, what would happen next? Our earth will be destroyed. The sun is the center of our solar system. If the center of the solar system explodes, then all orbital paths will fall apart. It is probable that all the planets that surround the sun will be attracted by the force of the sun’s gravity, or are exposed to the explosion of the sun, including the earth and us who living on it. If all that happens, then not only we are dead, but death star, including all the creations that exist in this world. If all that happens, it’s not just us who die, but it will be death star, the end of this world. All things are formed through the process and the combination of one element and other elements, and all things including explosions and destruction also occur through process and reactions of some elements. That’s what we’ll learn in Little Alchemy. Now, you know how to make death in Little Alchemy. You can make something else you want. Let’s play and learning science!

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