How to Make Dough On Little Alchemy To Create Food Items

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Do you want to have more items in the game Little Alchemy and is curious about how to make dough on Little Alchemy? Or are you not yet a player of the game? If you want a game that is just a simple and quiet and can distract you from your already hectic life, it is the perfect option. You can get it for free and it is available on both Android and iOS.

Playing Little Alchemy

The game Little Alchemy is pretty straightforward as all you have to do is create elements. In order to create elements, you just have to simply mix two elements by doing a drag and drop. For example, if you mix air and earth together, you will come up with dust. Some combination of elements creates more obvious results than others. As you continue to make more and more elements, you will be able to make more items. In order to complete the game, you have to make all of the 560 items that are possible to create in the game. 
What is amazing about this game is that you can play it according to your own pace and it will save your progress, meaning you do not have to complete all 560 elements at once after you start the game.

Making Dough on Little Alchemy

Sometimes you want to figure out the combinations to come up with an item by yourself, and sometimes you may want some help. Here’s a little method you can try in order to come up with several new items. To make a dough, all you have to do is combine water and flour. After that, you can come up with so many items using the dough. For example, combining dough and fire will make bread. Therefore, it is great to know how to make dough on Little Alchemy because you can create a lot of food items.

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