How to Make Mud in Little Alchemy

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Do you know what mud is made of? Have you ever wondered if an element is reacted with another element can produce a new element? Do you think that mud is also the reaction of one element with other elements? You’ll get the answer in Little Alchemy. Little alchemy is a game where we are need to creatively combine logic and instinct to create something new. Then, how to make mud in Little Alchemy? Before you know how to make mud in Little Alchemy, you should first know that there are four basic elements in Little Alchemy. The basic elements can you react to form a new element. The four elements are water, fire, earth and air. If you react to water and fire it will become steam. Similarly, other elements if you react it, it will also produce new elements. Now, how to make mud in Little Alchemy?

Mud = water + earth

It’s easy, right? Although it looks easy but the answer contains logic. Do you ever think before, if we combine earth (soil) with water then it will produce mud? In daily life we often see things instantly, yet everything that exists on this earth is a process. For example, when we see rain, have we ever thought that rain is a process? Rain is a process of seawater that is evaporated by sunlight and finally sea water molecules are in the sky with clouds, blow with the wind and eventually goes down into the rain. So does in Little Alchemy, we need water and gas elements to make rain. Now you know how Little Alchemy works. Little Alchemy told us to learn about process. From this game, we can learn about the basic science while playing in. This game is a good idea to spend your free time. Little Alchemy is available on Play Store and App Store in your smartphone. Now you know how to make mud in Little Alchemy, lets make anything else. Don’t wait any longer, let’s be an alchemist!

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