How to Make Santa in Little Alchemy

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Who does not know santa? But do you know how to make a santa in Little Alchemy? Starting from the four basic elements, you can develop them into hundreds of new elements. You can make, aliens, cats, dogs, planets, rmah sick, humans, love, even santa. Little Alchemy is a game based on science, but more fun than science. You can sharpen your logic by creating new elements. At first, you only have four basic elements, they are water, air, fire, and earth. But believe it or not, you can create hundreds of new elements from the four basic elements, including santa. Now, are you wondering how to make santa in Little Alchemy?

Santa = human + Christmas tree

No need to think hard, use your logic and creativity to answer it. This is a fun game. Looks easy is not it? But it really is not that simple, because to create a santa you have to react a lot of new elements from the four basic elements you have. First of all, you have to combine swamp and energy to create human. Then, you should combine the light bulb and tree or tree and stars to get the Christmas tree. After all of that, you can make santa in Litle Alchemy. But before you can combine light bulbs, trees, swamps, energy, and stars, you must combine the four basic elements first. Little Alchemy teaches us about the process of forming something new, nothing instant in life. Even we are formed from a process. Earth where we live is also formed of a long process. Now you know how to make santa in Little Alchemy. If you’re curious to make other elements, you can get a Little Alchemy in the Play Store or App Store. Let’s learn science with fun in Little Alchemy!

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