How to Make Sea In Little Alchemy Using One Of The Basic Elements

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Are you looking to expand your collection of items and want to find out how to make sea in Little Alchemy? If so, you may also be excited about the major update that is going to be available for the game.

The Major Update for Little Alchemy

Jakub Koziol, the Polish creator, is the one behind the game Little Alchemy and the major update that is coming for the game. Little Alchemy is all about combining elements in order to come up with new ones that are even more interesting, and now there is a form of the game that has been rehashed.

As you may already know, in Little Alchemy, you get to have four elements, to begin with. The, you can start mixing those elements in order to make new ones and then it will open up more possibilities and permutations for you to explore. For example, combining fire and water will create steam which you can then mix to come up with a geyser. There are 560 combinations in total that you can come up with by mixing all of the elements as you go along. The recent update gives the game more aesthetically pleasing graphics and provides cross-platform gameplay. You can sync your progress even though you change devices.

Making Sea in Little Alchemy

You can make sea early on in the game because all you have to do is combine two water elements. After that, you can use the sea and combine it with a lot of items because it opens up so many possibilities. For example, you can mix sea with an airplane in order to come up with a seaplane. You can also combine a bird with the sea in order to come up with a seagull. Therefore, by knowing how to make sea in Little Alchemy, you can unlock quite a lot of items.

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