How to Make Thread in Little Alchemy

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For you who ever dreamed to become an alchemist, now you can realize your dreams in Little Alchemy. Little Alchemy is a science-based game that teaches us to react elements to produce new elements simply. We need to use our logic, creativity and instinct to react these elements. Basically, there are four basic elements in Little Alchemy. We have to react them to get a new element. For example we want to make mud, then we have to react water and soil, so that new element formed is mud. Now, how to make thread in Little Alchemy?

Thread = cotton + tool

Therad = wheel + wool

Above are two ways to create a thread in Little Alchemy.

However, we are only have four basic elements in Little Alchemy, they are earth, water, fire and air. Then how do we make threads? First of all, to get cotton we have to combine plants and clouds. Second, to get the tools, we must combine humans and metals. Third, to get the wheels, we must combine wood and tools. Fourth, to get wool, we must combine sheep and tools or sheep and scissors. That’s how we can solve how to make thread in Little Alchemy. Now you know how Little Alchemy works. It all started from the process. Nothing is instant. Little alchemy teaches us many things. We learn to make things not instantly, but through processes and reactions. Including in making human in Little Alchemy, we need two other elements to combine. They are swamp and energy, or earth and life. Little Alchemy the game of logic and science that is very fun. You can get it in the App Store or Play Store on your smartphone anytime and anywhere. Don’t wait anymore, let’s play Little Alchemy!  Let’s sharpen our logic and creativity!

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