The Simple Guide on How To Make A Unicorn In Little Alchemy

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Do you love unicorns and want to know how to make a unicorn in Little Alchemy? With the game, the possibilities seem endless even though you are only provided with four elements at the beginning of the game.

Combining Elements in Little Alchemy

The fact is that you can create up to 560 pieces that make up the world just by simply dragging and dropping elements. The combination of the elements will then create a product which you can combine again to create even more products. Featuring illustrations that are simple, every new item you create will be represented by an icon that is not animated. The game ventures into the fun of crafting that more developed games like Minecraft offers, but on a scale that is much simpler and smaller.

The game also does not really have flash, all you will be doing in the game is just dragging and dropping elements in order to make combinations which you can then combine again. However, the fun in the game is how those elements interact in ways that will keep you interested in the game. For example, earth and rain can combine to form a plant, and then you can combine the plant with time in order to create a tree. The game is all about the journey rather than having to complete a certain goal.

Making A Unicorn in Little Alchemy

All you have to do in order to create a unicorn in the game Little Alchemy is to combine a rainbow and a horse. You can also combine a rainbow and a life to create a unicorn. You can then use the unicorn and combine it with several items to come up with new things. For example, you can combine the unicorn with a bird to come up with a Pegasus. Therefore, knowing how to make a unicorn in Little Alchemy is useful to come up with a few items.

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